Venture to the deep darkside of life



Vampire movies and series have hit the charts this century and seemed to have become an extremely popular phenomenon. With the likes of good looking men and women, playing the roles of blood sucking vampires, it is not easy to ignore or detach yourself from a world of vampires combined with love and friendship. The term “vampire” was not widely known until the early 18th century. Vampires are mythological beings who survive by feeding on living creatures. Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula established the typical basis for the modern vampire. Dracula is said to have drawn on early myths of werewolves and demons, which included late Victorian patriarchy.

Twilight novels hit the scene in 2005 and made quite an impact. Twilight consists of a series of 4 vampire-themed fantasy romance novels. Since the first release in 2005, the books have gained a substantial amount of popularity and success worldwide. It may be said that the Twilight is most popular among young adults; however adults have also been swept up in the Twilight phenomenon. The series falls under the genre of fantasy and romance, however Twilight author Stephanie Meyer considers her series to be romance more than anything else. The Twilight series is not considered to be dark and blood thirsty. Twilight vampires have also been seen to differ considerably from general vampire lore. Other themes that emerge in the series include choice and free will, as all the characters are constantly faced with choices. The Twilight has also received mixed responses from citizens as well as the media.

While it has generated a great deal of popularity, it has also generated a great deal of controversy. Although Twilight has been praised for its popularity, it has also been criticized for both its literary substance as well as the type of relationship that is portrayed between the characters. The books have been said to promote and normalize physically abusive relationships. It has also been said that domestic violence has been romanticized to a certain degree. Yet whatever criticism is received, the series continues to grow in popularity.

With the release of the film series, Twilight hit a record high. With the first release in 2008, the following 3 novels of the series were released in 3 consecutive years following 2008.

Twilight has captured a vast audience, who has been sucked into the world of vampires and romance. I believe that this is not the end of Stephanie Meyer and her vampire novels. Twilight fans eagerly await yet another Twilight Saga.