Venture to the deep darkside of life

The Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries

After Twilight was released and became a big box office success, the Vampire Diaries series followed soon after. The Vampire Diaries series is a mystical drama TV series.

The show happens in Virginia, in a small fictional town called Mystic Falls. This town is haunted by uncanny beings. The series centers on the love triangle of Elena, and vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan. Another focal point is the shadowy past of Mystic Falls, involving Elena’s malicious doppelganger, Katherine and the initial family of vampires, whom each have a cynical schema of their own. Both brothers start to show a great deal of fondness towards Elena, primarily as a result of her similarity to their previous love, Katherine. Another story line revolve around other residents of Mystic Falls, but most importantly, Elena’s brother, Jeremy, her two closest friends, Bonnie and Caroline and their other friends, Tyler and Matt.

Mystic Falls’ politics is coordinated by the offspring of the initial families, all-encompassing of the Founders Council. They defend the town primarily from vampires, although other mystical threats are relevant, which include werewolves, ghosts, witches and hybrids.

Vampire Diaries is often compared with another big hit vampire show, Twilight. Although these two shows have a number of the similar characteristics, there are also numerous differences. One of the most obvious similarities is the love triangle. This may be seen in Twilight between Bella, Edward, and Jacob. Comparatively in Vampire Diaries, the love triangle is formed between Elena, Stefan, and Damon. A major difference in the two vampire hits is relative to the vampire characteristics. With regard to Twilight, the vampires would sparkle in the sunlight, which portrays them in an unconventional way and provides them with characteristics that one would not associate with vampires. Whereas, when looking at the vampire characteristics of the vampires from Vampire Diaries, they seem more realistic and threatening as they do not possess the unconventional characteristic of sparkling in the sun.

The pilot episode enticed the most amazing expanse of audiences of any series debut ever since the network first opened in 2006. The 1st season attracted on average a massive 3.60 million viewers. The series was awarded a full 22 episode order on 21 October 2009 after concrete ratings and reviews for the initial section of the season. On 16 February 2010, the CW broadcasted that it has continued the sequences for a 2nd season, which was first released on 9 September 2012. On 26 April 2011, the renewal of this series by CW saw the start of the 3rd season. The 3rd season first showed on 15 September 2011. It was then said that the 4th season will be shown 11 October 2012. Currently this show is in it’s in fourth season of showing. The show first received mediocre appraisals, but critics said that the sequences began to develop over the duration of the 1st season, with the 2nd and 3rd seasons premiering to primarily hopeful views. The series has gained several award nominations, achieving a total of two People’s Choice Awards as well as numerous Teen Choice Awards.

The Vampire Diaries series is suitable for both a male and female audience and suitable for a wide age category. With this series, you cannot go wrong as it is so captivating that you will resist taking a bathroom break.