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The Haunting of The Queen Mary

The Haunting of The Queen Mary  The Grey Ghost

The Queen Mary was used as both a leisure liner plus a ship that transported servicemen and women during the Second World War. As a result she saw many people come and go as well as witnessing many untimely deaths that were to give her the reputation for being one of the most haunted ships of our time. When she was first commissioned in WWII she was given the nickname The Grey Ghost as she was painted in the dull grey colour required by serving ships.

How well this name would turn out to suit the vessel as there are over fifty reported haunting episodes recorded at this time. Tours of the ship for enthusiasts of the haunting kind became really popular while the more daring of us can actually stay overnight on the ship if you care to, its not something I am prepared to do but for some it would be a great paranormal experience.

The poolside area is one location of the ship that is said to be haunted regularly by the ghost of a young girl. This young lady was killed as she played by the pool. A huge wave rocked the ship making her fall as she slid down a bannister, breaking her neck. She has been seen walking bout the poolside crying for her mummy. Along with two others who died near the pool she can be seen periodically.

The death of John Henry a young man who deceived the crew by lying about his age to become a seamen died trying to escape a fire on board in the engine room. He can be heard from time to time knocking and shouting, while sometimes the engine room door can be very hot to the touch like there is a fire burning inside when there is not.

The worse one of all is the poor cook who was murdered because the troops didn’t like the meals he made. They pushed him into the oven burning him to death! What a way to go! His terrible screams are heard from time to time even today. I’m not surprised really.

Another gruesome tale involves a young man, who once settled on the ship, asked the steward if he could find him a “lady” to spend the night with him. The steward obliged but the next day there was no sign of the man, his luggage or even the fact that he had been on board. The young lady however was found brutally murdered. What happened to the man or whether he was ever on board remains a mystery. Some choose to believe that he was an evil apparition that took the life of the unsuspecting female. Who knows?

Its not only tales of death on board that haunt the Queen Mary. She also witnessed many gruesome demises in terms of people lost at sea. She actually passed through hundreds of flailing victims in the sea during the war when she inadvertently crashed into another vessel causing its passengers to end up in the water. The Queen Mary sailed past leaving the poor victims in the sea to either drown or be eaten by the sharks.

Queen Mary 2011

Occasionally terrible thumping and thudding sounds can be heard coming from the sides of the ship. Ghost enthusiasts believe that these are the people who were left to their fate in the water on that sorry night, trying to get on board the ship. The Queen Mary is not a place that I would want to spend the night any time soon but if you are up for it give it a go, I hope you return with your sanity in tact!

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