Venture to the deep darkside of life

Sonny 2

sonny 2

Sonny 2 picks up from where the original Sonny had left off; more or less. Sonny has gone through a transformation. There were four classes in the original and they were different kinds of warriors — Destroyer, Guardian, Assassin and Gunslinger. This time, it is more ‘elemental’ in nature. There are three classes to choose from — Psychological, Biological and Hydraulic. Each has its unique collection of skills and attacks. Thankfully, there are helpful descriptions available for each class while choosing. The psychological class, as the description will tell you, can even turn on its friends and damage them to gain something in return.

The story takes off where it had last ended. Sonny wakes up thinking about the tape that he got from the friend on the ship. Soon, the tape is stolen from Sonny and the journey begins.

Sonny 2 has more zones and hence many more battles than the original game. There are a variety of enemies to be faced in a number of different settings. You will fight everything from mad scientists to evil bunnies and corrupt mayors! Additionally, site members can engage other members in PvP. Or you can play against yourself but taking turn to play for both sides.

The artwork has improved since last time. There are more cinematic cut scenes in this installment of the game, giving it a more dramatic effect.  The voice acting remains good throughout — an advantage that the first part also had. The script also has minor comic relief every now and then. They keep the experience from getting dull.


Training is not as important as it was in the first part. You may want to train to familiarize yourself with the common enemies of a zone. Making it through battles is also faster if you level up through training. However, you can afford to ignore it and go straight in to battles that progress the storyline.

Attributes & Abilities:

All attributes from the first part have been carried over with the exception of ‘magic’. It has been replaced by instinct. Depending on your class, you would want to level up on attribute more than the others. The abilities system is complex and sometimes might seem too complex. However, it is rewarding to study them and figure out what combinations suits your character the best. Every class has powerful combinations to be discovered. And since you can reset and make fresh choices at any point in the game, experimenting with different skills becomes fun. The action bar still consists of 8 slots that you will have to fill from within your available skills.


You will be fighting along side 2 allies most of the times. Veradux will be with you throughout the game. His abilities have been carried over from the last game it seems. He continues to be an invaluable battle partner thanks to his healing abilities and powerful attacks. The AI could do with some tweaking so that the attacks are more coordinated. This version of the game gives you in-battle control of how your teammate will behave (ranging from completely defensive to completely aggressive). This is buried deep in the controls in the first part and cannot be accessed mid-battle.


Combat style hasn’t changed at all. You will be playing turn by turn and choose actions from your action bar. The HUD has not changed either and displays all buffs and stats in the same manner as before.

Leveling Up:

Level up rate is somewhat faster than before. So you will enjoy a speedy journey through your abilities tree. The best way to level up fast and quick is to actually go in to battles instead of training. That’s because you will be meeting enemies who constantly get stronger as the stages progresses. Killing them gives you more experience points than simply training. However, leveling up through training at the beginning of every zone will make your progression easier.


The dev’s have not focused too much on improving the graphics of the first game, very much like Days to Die 2 the game developers have opted to keep the visuals the same and focus more on other attributes such as storyline…


This installment has much more of a story than the first part. But it is still very weak. It is clear that the developers have spent more time bettering the rest of the game. Besides, this game is more about hacking and slashing than Max Payne style cinematic storytelling.


Items are many and varied. You will encounter a whole lot of different items in each zone. You can buy items at the store for each as usual. However, the best items are still dropped in the progression battles.

Overall, the game has improved on almost all counts. Controls are better, graphics are more detailed. There’s a good variety in enemies and items. You are likely to get hooked on to it even if you haven’t played the first part. The game ends with Sonny only one more stop away from his destination. And who knows what else awaits him there. So there’s promise of at least one more part in the near future.

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