Venture to the deep darkside of life

Road of the Dead 2

dead trigger 2

If we were to take the events and the actions of the people in your typical zombie horror film or TV show, then apparently the best course of action would be to firstly arm yourself to the teeth with barely enough bullets to get you through the day and secondly, to hop in a car with limited fuel and head off on a treacherous journey that holds an 80% mortality rate. It is exactly these tough odds and limited resources that make these zombie shows so tense, however, and zombie-escape flash games so popular with the internet gaming crowd. Road of the Dead 2 is a relatively recent addition to the zombie escape game crowd, but because of the work that the original Road of the Dead did to cement its position as one of the greatest zombie action games of all time, this sequel feels like it has been around for years.

Road of the Dead 2 (a game from the masterful EvilDog and SickDeathFiend) takes the best features of the driving genre and the essential components of any shooting game and combines the two to form a style of gameplay that offers the best of both worlds, and it does so in such a way that makes you wonder why it isn’t done more often. Use the [WASD] controls to control the vehicle and the mouse and its left button to aim and fire respectively. The [Spacebar] comes into play when trying to swerve or stopping to interact with certain upgrade stations, and you can cycle backwards and forwards through your inventory by using [Q] and [E].

The primary aim of the game is simply to survive for as long as you can on the road, travelling thousands of meters at a time to different areas which count as checkpoints for your journey, with the ultimate goal being to escape the whole zombie apocalypse thing. Pretty much everything you see on your journey can be destroyed or smashed up in some way, and you can use the two main characters’ skills to do so. You may switch between each character with the [Shift] key, and the benefit of doing so is that you get to use slightly different weapons. You also accumulate upgrade points automatically from simply using your weapons and driving; this improves the handling of your car and also the accuracy and efficacy of your weapons usage.

Upgrades are also attainable by stopping at different buildings along the way including churches and police stations. Various things can be upgraded, with new weapons available and the option to upgrade existing ones, and also some perks such as a support helicopter. Stopping to perform any action leaves you extremely vulnerable, however, sine any upgrade takes a little time where your vehicle has to be stationary, allowing zombies to descend on your and make things difficult for you.

Is this perhaps one of the best zombie escape titles of all time? Well, it is certainly in the running for such a title as a high-quality first-person zombie driving game is somewhat of a rarity these days, even with top-notch titles like Cars vs. Zombies out there. The difficulty may be steep, the checkpoints few and far between, and too much emphasis may be placed on attaining upgrades to further your progress, but the amazing graphics and high levels of gore are enough to make up for this gameplay