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Resident Evil 7 Game – Moving on to a New Neighborhood

resident evil 7

Resident Evil is one of the longest running survival-horror game franchises in the market today. The series has given nightmares to gamers ever since its debut in 1996. It was considered the pioneer in survival horror games despite it not being the first in the genre – that title actually belongs to the Alone in the Dark series.

Resident Evil 6 was just recently released and since we have been longtime fans of the series, we immediately got our hands on the game and played it. We actually have mixed feelings towards Resident Evil 6. There are parts of the game that we liked but there are also things in it that we feel were not done right or were just completely wrong and out of place in a survival-horror game. While Capcom, the developer of the game, themselves said that they were turning the series into a more action oriented game, we still view Resident Evil 6 as a part of the survival horror genre. We have listed some of our opinions and recommendations for Resident Evil 7, if the game’s developer decides to make it.

The Next Step in Visual Horror

For the seventh game in the Resident Evil series we want to see more creatively designed areas, not just new and unique areas, but locations that will send chills up our spine just like those found in the Remake of the first Resident Evil game that was released on the Nintendo Gamecube a few years back.

Since the current generation of consoles is already nearing the end of its life cycle, we are expecting Resident Evil 7 to be released on the next Playstation, Xbox and maybe even the WiiU. This means that Capcom will need to step up and create a better graphics engine than their current one. Resident Evil 6 was already showing some signs that Capcom’s MT Framework has reached its limits and a new graphics engine is needed.

The Next Horrific Tale about Bio-Terrorism

We actually want the story about Bio-Terrorism to end in Resident Evil 6. We feel that the series’ plot was better off when the story was about incidents that were set into motion by accident rather than by a group of people with personal aspirations.

We would also like to see definite closure to some of the character’s story in the game, specifically those who have overstayed their welcome – we are looking at you Chris Redfield. There are  a lot of other interesting characters in the Resident Evil series, most of them have not been given the chance to star in their own game or have their complete stories revealed yet. We do not want to keep following Chris’ life knowing that his relevance in the overall plot already ended when he defeated Albert Wesker in Resident Evil 5.

The Evolution of Survival Horror Games

We do not agree with Capcom’s decision to make the Resident Evil series more action-oriented. We are not saying that the series should revert back to its original gameplay mechanics, but rather it should be left at a level where it can please both old school fans of the survival horror genre and new fans of action games. We think Resident Evil 4 was the best one when it came to balancing the elements that we liked about the series while adding new features to modernize the game.

There should also be more interactive items in Resident Evil 7. We are not talking about doors or puzzle levers, but rather items that can be used in the gameplay itself. It would be great if we could use things like a discarded lead pipe or a metal pan to fend off zombies and monsters in the game. It would be really helpful in saving bullets for those end game boss fights.

Resident Evil 6 has a lot of online multiplayer content and we expect to see more in Resident Evil 7. We want to play a multiplayer mode that involves not just killing things but solving puzzles as well. Another great multiplayer mode would be a mode where you and your friends must help escort the survivors to a safe zone while defending them from zombies and other B.O.Ws (Bio-Organic Weapons).

Residing in the Future

With such a long history, the Resident Evil series has evolved into something more than what we could have expected when we first played Resident Evil on our Playstation back in 1996. While our feelings for the series’ evolution may vary, we are still looking forward to the next title in Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise. Hopefully, the seventh game will be a better sequel than the last one, and that it will be a true survival horror game that fans will enjoy.