Venture to the deep darkside of life

Pulling the Trigger a Second Time: Dead Trigger 2

dead trigger 2

We were greatly impressed with Dead Trigger, not just because it was a good FPS game, but because it gave us the experience of playing a fully-fledged First Person Shooter on the go. This is an experience normally confined indoors on PCs and gaming consoles. Dead Trigger made it clear that mobile games can finally go head-to-head with the more established gaming devices on the market. For us, the game opened up doors for the shooting game genre on iOS and Android devices.

Dead Trigger is a prime example that games for the iOS and Android devices are slowly catching up to PC and console games in terms of quality. The game looked and played like an FPS game developed for the PC rather than a game made for mobile devices. We can not wait to see what Dead Trigger 2 has to offer, but we do have some ideas and recommendations on what they should add to it.

Looking more gruesome than before

We were quite surprised when we first saw Dead Trigger. The game looked like it was not made for  mobile devices at all. While we do not doubt the power of iOS and Android devices these days, it was still a shock to see such a visually  stunning game running on a small device like a Smartphone. For Dead Trigger 2, we expect the developer to push the envelope even further in terms of visual  presentation. And by visual presentation, we do not mean graphics alone, but the game design as well.

If the maker of Dead Trigger truly wants the game to go toe-to-toe with heavyweights such as Left for Dead, Dead Space and Dead Island (Why is the word “dead” used so much in games these days?) they will need to step it up in terms of character and environment designs. While Dead Trigger looked great, there was nothing really visually memorable about the characters or stages in the game. We expect the designers and artists to provide us with more eye candy in Dead Trigger 2.

More One-Liners

The first game was pretty weak when it came to sound effects and music. We have heard pretty much everything in the game before from other zombie themed games. Even the idea of giving the main character some witty one-liners was borrowed from other games, such as Duke Nukem – All hail to the King baby! We want the next game to have a bit more originality when comes to its audio presentation. While we know that it is kind of hard to be original when it comes to a zombie’s moans and groans, they could at least make numerous voice samples for the enemies so that they do not sound overly repetitive.

As for the main character’s one-liners, we really do  not mind if he continues to mimic the Duke, as long as he gets some new material for the next game. If Dead Trigger 2 happens to get a new main character or a female protagonist, we still expect him or her to be witty in terms of their side comments.

Enhancing the Ways to Kill a Zombie

In terms of gameplay, we want the next Dead Trigger game to have more interactive environments, not just the common, conveniently placed, explosive gas drums. Since the game mainly involves fighting zombies in an apocalyptic setting, we should be able to use more melee weapons. We are fully aware that Dead Trigger 2 will be a shooter game, but that should not hinder the variety when it comes to gameplay. We would love to have the ability to pick up objects from the game’s environment and use them as weapons. Things like a wooden bat, a metal pipe or an ax would certainly be useful in fending off an undead attacker. Of course, these melee weapons are only optional and not a requirement since we still want the game to be a true FPS. Having the ability to use these acquirable items can surely save bullets, which we use on more dangerous foes later on.

Running for Our Lives

We were dumbfounded when we realized that the hero in Dead Trigger could not run or even stride. What modern day FPS game does not have a run ability? Apparently, the game’s developer expected everyone to stand their ground while numerous zombies close in on you from all directions. While you can still outwalk the enemies in the first game, we want Dead Trigger 2’s hero to at least have the means to run away from his hungry pursuers.

Discounts for the Survivor

One big disappointment we had with the first Dead Trigger game was the Premium items and weapons. We do not mind paying for a few “special” firearms and equipment from time to time, but having more than half of the purchasable weapons and gear in the game locked to real money purchases is a bit too hard to swallow. Sure, we can understand the need to make a profit but at least do it in a way that does not affect the game’s replay value. Players who do not want to shell out their hard-earned cash will be stuck with the same weapons through the entire game, unless they give in to the game’s excessive advertising.

Banding Together for the Sake of the Human Race

Multiplayer and Shooter games go hand in hand. What makes the shooting game genre so unique in terms of gameplay experience compared to other kinds of games is the fact that multiple players can play not just together, but against each other as well. While other game genres also have multiplayer options, only FPS and TPS games can bring together so many people in one gaming session. We expect Dead Trigger 2 to have numerous multiplayer options, both cooperative and competitive. The next game should also have online and local Wi-Fi support so that players can play with their friends while in the same room or via the internet, just in case they want to play with an acquaintance overseas.

Just Waiting to Pull the Trigger

Dead Trigger 2 has already been announced and is looming closer to a release date as we speak. After looking at some of the early screenshots from the game, it looks like a lot of our wishes will be granted. The next game looks more phenomenal than the first and we are definitely fuelled for its impending release. We will continue to monitor Dead Trigger 2’s development with salivating mouths and anticipating glowing eyes.