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Ghostbusters: I Aint Afraid of No Ghost!

Ghostbusters: I Aint Afraid of No Ghost!

This supernatural comedy film was released in June 1984 and still remains one of the most popular ghost comedy movies of all time. Starring Dan Ackroyd as Raymond Stantz, Harold Ramis (who wrote the script) as Egon Spengler and Bill Murray as Doctor Peter Venkman it stars three of the most successful comedy actors of this generation. Ghostbusters takes place in New York as a series of weird events takes place that can only be described as spooky.

Sigourney Weaver plays the female lead Dana Barrett and is indeed the first client for the Ghostbusters team. Moving from the world of scientific fact to the world of Ghostbusting comes as second nature to the trio with hilarious but sometimes a little scary consequences. Dana thinks that her apartment is haunted and calls the Ghostbusters for help. Dana’s fridge has been turned into a supernatural portal to another dimension meaning the Ghostbusters must work fast to stop New York being overun with ghostly creatures.

The film is full of laughs plus thrills and spills from beginning to end as the Ghostbusters come up against not only the supernatural forces threatening the city but also the forces of local government in the guise of the mayor who tries to close down their operation. Witty dialogue along with a great sense of humour works very well in this script. My own sons were just transfixed by the special effects that by todays standards are weak but in the context of this classic are brilliant.

Ghostbusters essentially is about the good guys beating the bad guys to restore normality to New York. As the bad guys come in the form of ghosts there is a lot of scope to incorporate myth and magic into the piece in a tongue in cheek kind of way. Not taking the subject seriously so works in this film adding the comedy element that is the mainstay for me.

Of course in the end the Ghostbusters triumph by using their superb backpacks that destroy the phantoms or capture them to be encased forever in a special ghost busting machine. The comedy throughout is superb, well timed, dry and very believable. In fact I will go as far as to say that it is one of my favourite films in terms of comic timing and content. Dan Ackroyd is simply superb as the one liner delivering Venkman who fancies his chances with the lovely Dana.

Rick Moranis is another actor I must mention as his portrayal of the quirky idiot who ends up saving the day along with the Ghostbusters is nothing short of fantastic. The part where he gets chased by the evil demon is hilarious plus Venkman bounces off the Moranis character superbly in terms of taking the Michael in an endearing way.

Children simply adore the film while adults don’t feel guilty for enjoying such a childish piece. The theme tune to the film was sung by Ray Parker Junior and charted for many weeks being popular with young fans of the movie world wide. Tons of merchandise was released for fans to buy such as figures based on the main characters and ghosts plus backpacks, fancy dress suits, stationery, books and clothing. Ghostbusters is a great family film I would wholly recommend for young or old alike.

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