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Earn to Die Review

earn to die

The road to survival in a zombie apocalypse is usually one that contains multiple obstacles and pitfalls along the way. Sometimes the road is figurative and involves simply surviving behind a barricade while waves of zombies advance on your position, and other times it is in a tower defense format where you must plant towers across the level to prevent the zombies from reaching the other side.

In the case of Earn to Die, the road is literal and the idea is to sit yourself in a car and drive as far as possible along the terrain, crushing and mashing zombies along the way. This format has proven extremely popular and has resulted in the game being extremely popular in the zombie-based genre of games.

The gameplay involves making it from one side of the terrain to the other or as far as possible into the level with your car. For every distance that you travel and every zombie that you smash, you are awarded money that you must spend on upgrades to enhance your vehicle's performance. Only once your vehicle has been upgraded sufficiently will you be able to make it to the end of the level, meaning that the game is extremely reliant on the upgrades in order for you to make progress.

Earn to Die allows you to swap out some components of your vehicle including its engine, transmission, fuel tank, and mounted weapon in order to make them more advantageous to your mission.

Expansion of your fuel tank allows you to travel further along the terrain whereas a new engine increases your acceleration so that you can make it up the steeper hills in each level. You are also able to upgrade your vehicle to different ones like a buggy and eventually a yellow school bus.

In spite of the stylish appearance of the game and the fiendish nature of wanting to upgrade your vehicle, the game in practice can actually be extremely repetitive.

When it comes down to it, your performance in the game is based entirely on the level of your upgrades and has almost nothing to do with your actual driving skill or the manoeuvring of your vehicle, making it a game of numbers rather than a true driving game that requires control of the vehicle as well as the upgrading of it – pretty much it's a basic 2d car game crammed with progressive upgrades. The game is relatively short as well so it doesn't take that long to complete it.

Earn to Die's huge popularity is undeniable, and the game does have some addictive gameplay to offer fans of the zombie genre on a level similar to Road of the Dead in spite of its relatively short length and eventually repetitive format. Driving over terrain smashing zombies and obstacles with your car is still quite fun, so the game will be enjoyed by pretty much anyone looking to kill time with some vehicle-based apocalyptic fun from Toffee Games.