Venture to the deep darkside of life

Ghost Stories

The Haunting of The Queen Mary

  The Grey Ghost

The Queen Mary was used as both a leisure liner plus a ship that transported servicemen and women during the Second World War. As a result she saw many people come and go as well as witnessing many untimely deaths that were to give her the reputation for being one of the most haunted ships of our time. When she was first commissioned in WWII she was given the nickname The Grey Ghost as she was painted in the dull grey colour required by serving ships.

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An Irish Ghost Story

Having sat on my grandfathers knee listening to stories, many years ago, the ones that I remember the most with both fright and affection are the ghost stories he used to love to relate to us. Hailing from Northern Ireland, born in 1880, my grandfather could put the fear of the almighty into you with his graphic tales of creepy goings on. Now living in England in the 1960′s he loved to captivate his audience with his ghoulish tales. The one that I remember most vividly is “The Ghost of The Mill”.

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