Taxi to the Darkside

Venture to the deep darkside of life

Resident Evil 7 Game – Moving on to a New Neighborhood

resident evil 7

Resident Evil is one of the longest running survival-horror game franchises in the market today. The series has given nightmares to gamers ever since its debut in 1996. It was considered the pioneer in survival horror games despite it not being the first in the genre – that title actually belongs to the Alone in the Dark series.

Resident Evil 6 was just recently released and since we have been longtime fans of the series, we immediately got our hands on the game and played it. We actually have mixed feelings towards Resident Evil 6. There are parts of the game that we liked but there are also things in it that we feel were not done right or were just completely wrong and out of place in a survival-horror game. While Capcom, the developer of the game, themselves said that they were turning the series into a more action oriented game, we still view Resident Evil 6 as a part of the survival horror genre. We have listed some of our opinions and recommendations for Resident Evil 7, if the game’s developer decides to make it.
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Call of Puny: Miniature Zombie Invasion

call of mini zombies

What do you get when you combine fast-paced third person shooter action with hordes of miniaturized flesh eating zombies? A quirky and highly entertaining spinoff of one of the most popular video game franchises in the world – for those who were living under a rock for the past decade, we are talking about the Call of Duty series.

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Pulling the Trigger a Second Time: Dead Trigger 2

dead trigger 2

We were greatly impressed with Dead Trigger, not just because it was a good FPS game, but because it gave us the experience of playing a fully-fledged First Person Shooter on the go. This is an experience normally confined indoors on PCs and gaming consoles. Dead Trigger made it clear that mobile games can finally go head-to-head with the more established gaming devices on the market. For us, the game opened up doors for the shooting game genre on iOS and Android devices.

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Road of the Dead 2

road of the dead 2

If we were to take the events and the actions of the people in your typical zombie horror film or TV show, then apparently the best course of action would be to firstly arm yourself to the teeth with barely enough bullets to get you through the day and secondly, to hop in a car with limited fuel and head off on a treacherous journey that holds an 80% mortality rate. It is exactly these tough odds and limited resources that make these zombie shows so tense, however, and zombie-escape flash games so popular with the internet gaming crowd. Road of the Dead 2 is a relatively recent addition to the zombie escape game crowd, but because of the work that the original Road of the Dead did to cement its position as one of the greatest zombie action games of all time, this sequel feels like it has been around for years.

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Earn to Die Review

earn to die

The road to survival in a zombie apocalypse is usually one that contains multiple obstacles and pitfalls along the way. Sometimes the road is figurative and involves simply surviving behind a barricade while waves of zombies advance on your position, and other times it is in a tower defense format where you must plant towers across the level to prevent the zombies from reaching the other side.

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SAS Zombie Assault 3

sas zombie assault 3

Even though many zombie games can be relatively entertaining, a majority of them often fall flat because of their design or improper selection of sounds/music. A truly brilliant zombie game will manage to create a desperate and tense atmosphere as well as having solid gameplay and a great aesthetic.

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Lollipop Chainsaw – Zombie Massacre Game

lollipop chainsaw

Not just another School Day

From renowned game developer Suda51 – the mind behind classic games like Killer7 and No More Heroes, Lollipop Chainsaw is an over-the-top action game that will have players fighting the hordes of the undead while solving the cause of the outbreak that took the once peaceful town of San Romero. You play the role of a spunky high school cheerleader named Juliet Starling. Our heroine might look like your average girl-next-door, but she has a secret that even her boyfriend Nick, does not know. When an outbreak of zombies occurs at her local high school, Juliet reveals to Nick that she is part of a family of zombie hunters. Together with her father and her two siblings, they fight to protect the world from zombies and other evil creatures.

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Sonny 2

sonny 2

Sonny 2 picks up from where the original Sonny had left off; more or less. Sonny has gone through a transformation. There were four classes in the original and they were different kinds of warriors — Destroyer, Guardian, Assassin and Gunslinger. This time, it is more ‘elemental’ in nature. There are three classes to choose from — Psychological, Biological and Hydraulic. Each has its unique collection of skills and attacks. Thankfully, there are helpful descriptions available for each class while choosing. The psychological class, as the description will tell you, can even turn on its friends and damage them to gain something in return.

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Earn to Die: The Final Run

earn to die zombie upgrade game

It will take the third car to reach the helicopter at the end of the game, this means that your priority is to earn up enough money to buy the upgraded car instead of maxing out the stats for your first two vehicles. Concentrate on gas, tires and transmission, and just buy the level 2 engine if you can afford it. Keep the rest of the money for boost or for saving up.

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Vampire movies and series have hit the charts this century and seemed to have become an extremely popular phenomenon. With the likes of good looking men and women, playing the roles of blood sucking vampires, it is not easy to ignore or detach yourself from a world of vampires combined with love and friendship. The term “vampire” was not widely known until the early 18th century. Vampires are mythological beings who survive by feeding on living creatures. Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula established the typical basis for the modern vampire. Dracula is said to have drawn on early myths of werewolves and demons, which included late Victorian patriarchy.

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Vlad The Impaler: The First Dracula!

Vlad The Impaler was born in Transylvania in the year 1431. His fame is notorious and is legendary throughout history as he was a fierce, violent ruler who impaled his enemies on spikes, hence his name. Vlad was born into the Royal House of Draculesti which is the name passed down on his fathers side which was to become known as Dracula. Bram Stoker the author loosely based his stories around the Dracula legend that hailed from Vlad The Impaler’s family.

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Ghostbusters: I Aint Afraid of No Ghost!

This supernatural comedy film was released in June 1984 and still remains one of the most popular ghost comedy movies of all time. Starring Dan Ackroyd as Raymond Stantz, Harold Ramis (who wrote the script) as Egon Spengler and Bill Murray as Doctor Peter Venkman it stars three of the most successful comedy actors of this generation. Ghostbusters takes place in New York as a series of weird events takes place that can only be described as spooky.

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The Haunting of The Queen Mary

The Haunting of The Queen Mary The Grey Ghost

The Queen Mary was used as both a leisure liner plus a ship that transported servicemen and women during the Second World War. As a result she saw many people come and go as well as witnessing many untimely deaths that were to give her the reputation for being one of the most haunted ships of our time. When she was first commissioned in WWII she was given the nickname The Grey Ghost as she was painted in the dull grey colour required by serving ships.

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An Irish Ghost Story

Having sat on my grandfathers knee listening to stories, many years ago, the ones that I remember the most with both fright and affection are the ghost stories he used to love to relate to us. Hailing from Northern Ireland, born in 1880, my grandfather could put the fear of the almighty into you with his graphic tales of creepy goings on. Now living in England in the 1960′s he loved to captivate his audience with his ghoulish tales. The one that I remember most vividly is “The Ghost of The Mill”.

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